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1. (noun) In west Texas, a desert wild flower that grows up out of a meadow muffin.
2. (proper noun) One of G.W. Bush's nicknames for Karl Rove.
3. (slang) any positive consequence (beauty) that comes from something unwholesome(shit)
1. "Ma, that there's the purtiest turd blossom I've seen in miles."
2. "We'll get Turd Blossom to out Wilson's wife (Valerie Plame) to Novak."
3. "Wow, buddy, that presentation you gave to the board was quite a turd blossom."
by Marc April 01, 2004
1. What George Bush call's "Karl Rove"
2. Suppossedly one who grew up in Texas.
George Bush is a turd blossom himself.
by Me December 19, 2004
Turdblossom is a nickname for Karl Rove, advisor to George W Bush
"Somebody better go tell Turdblossom to quit outing secret agents"
by jnutting March 19, 2004
Making one shit while the other person is performing anal on the shitter. Therefore you are the shitee.
"Hey boy how about we forget the missionary and doggy and go turdblossom style!"
by Noneofyobuisness April 25, 2010
(n) A mostly crustified piece of crap which hangs on anal hairs (in other words, a recently discharged dingleberry). Looks hard, but secretes its soft innards when squeezed.
"Better remove and disarm these turdblossoms before they wreak havoc in my tighty whities!"
by Johab April 09, 2003
something good growing out of a bad background
He grew up with those dead-beat parents, and got straight A's? He's a real turdblossom.
by 89 December 19, 2004
When a little piece of poop gets stuck in the fur outside a dog's butt and dangles
She kept wagging her tail to get rid off the turd blossom, but it kept hanging on.
by Mama Turd March 15, 2009
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