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The act of administering fellatio with an ice cube in one's mouth.
Sally gave me an awesome blow job on the rocks.
by sala January 17, 2003
Defecating on a woman's breasts while you straddle her face for fellatio.
Tammy didn't appreciate the Pasadena Mudslide I gave her.
by sala January 17, 2003
1) The asshole of a gay man; 2) a general term for a submissive gay man, especially one who enjoyes receiving anal sex.
Tom could take ten inches up the mancunt.
by sala January 17, 2003
Colorful term for vomit
After eating ten plates of lasagna, I did the technicolor yawn.
by sala January 17, 2003
Vomiting on your partner during sex.
After ten beers, I gave Gary a chunky shower while I was buttfucking him.
by sala January 17, 2003
To vomit profusely in all directions.
After downing ten beers, I doused my buddies with a vector spew.
by sala January 17, 2003
A male homosexual prostitute. Derived by conmbining the words slut and pansy.
Ron found a new line of work as a slansy.
by sala January 17, 2003

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