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to barf, hurl, blow chunks, toss cookies, spew, pray to the porcelain God
suzie left her technicolor yawn schrapnel all over the men's stall.
by skank January 12, 2003
The combination of many different sexually transmitted diseases to form one super-disease; used to describe a whore.
Damn, that bitch is nasty. She got ghonasyphaherpales.
by skank May 05, 2003
Driving While Asian -- particularly bad driving
Did you see that massive DWA back there? That guy cut over 4 lanes.
by skank January 12, 2003
for when a female is flirting with a male, derived from the act of baboon mating when a female baboon's bottom reddens to attract the male
"Yo dat shoorty's bottom be mad red homie. She want this"

"Naw dawg, that biznatches rear end be rojo for me. HOOTIE HOO"
by Skank March 19, 2005
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