Just like spooning (with your partner) but rather than a parallel body on body it becomes more perpendicular with the male forming the cross with the famale for easier sexual access...
I cant seem to get into a comfortable position with spooning and sex, but if we form a T (teaspoon) its a whole lot easier...now we are teaspooning
by Jonny C 73 September 08, 2009
Top Definition
When one accidently pees a little, equivilant to a teaspoon, in their pants. This can be caused by laughing, farting, sneezing, and sometimes it just happens.
I laughed so hard i teaspooned. I secretly love teaspooning. I am a teaspooner and proud of it.
by Meghan O'Neill December 07, 2006
When you're cuddling with a girl who is way smaller than you, you're no longer spooning, you're teaspooning!
"Bro I'm 6'2 and she's 5'1, when we cuddle we're definitely teaspooning"
by lmaohilarious1993 October 28, 2015
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