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verb, a modification of the spoon position. one lies on their side in the original spoon position and the other lies on their back knees bent up and over the others legs. perfected only with sundaying
in going to teaspoon the shit out of you next time i see you.
by azturner June 12, 2006
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Being the 'little spoon' (on the inside) while spooning.
Would you like to be the teaspoon or the tablespoon?
by itsjoshhh July 23, 2011
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The sexual act of cupping one's partner's (or partners') scrotal sac. It is often accompanied by a gentle vertical motion much like when weighing a mango.
"Get on your knees and give me a good teaspooning Margaret"
by Shitty McShitterson January 18, 2005
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