A term used by CB'ers when another signal so solidly over powers the conversation already at hand so that the original conversation cannot be heard at all thus repesenting a virtual full cock in the mouth. Usually a funny thing is said or a slam.
What CB'er 1 said ... "and so I was walking the dog and when I came back home my wife was setting out key lime pie, and it was really good."

What CB'er 2 heard - ... "and so I was walking my dog and came back home and my wife was" 'GIVING ME A BLOW JOB' "and it was really good."

Thus producing the reply from CB'er 2 "Dude! You just got Tea Bagged!"
Followed by the Tea Bagger and everyone else on the channel laughing.
by LayItOnYou March 18, 2007
Top Definition
Girl lays on her back, dude puts testicles in her mouth
I teabagged that ho, yo.
by DBomb June 16, 2003
Resting your nutsack in or on someone else's property for a comedic effect. Preferably with photographic evidence.
While she was in the bathroom, I teabagged her lip gloss.
by Anonymous September 08, 2003
The act of placing ones nut sack in the open mouth of another individual. This action is then followed by the repeated removal and re-insertion of the sac into said individual's mouth. Thus, mimicing the act of placing a tea-bag in a cup of water.
I payed that whore 5 bone to tea-bag deez nuts!
by croth275 November 18, 2004
Where you put your ballsack on someones face, whether its their mouth, eyes, chin, nose. Whatever.
I teabagged that dude in his sleep!
by Seth B. April 02, 2005
TEABAGGING IS THE PROCESS OF ONES TESTICALS PROUDLY HANGING 2CM FROM your girlfriends mouth. Whilst dipping your love spuds in her mout ask if she would like the teabag left in. I can tell you now Steve erwin does not recomend teabagging with an old croc
by mark January 12, 2005
Dropping your genitals on the face of another, usually for comedic effect.
While eating pizza, Aaron got teabagged on the forehead.
by The Holy Diver February 01, 2008
putting one's ball sack in too girls mouths ( in and out )
that pimp tea bagged his hoes
by pimpin_p December 06, 2008

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