While playing Halo in multiplayer,after raining victoriously over your opponent(killing them) you crouch and uncrouch over their lifeless body.....whether over their head or other preferred area of the corpse.
I killed Default and teabagged his cold dead face, only right before i was sniped by a dirty vagodor.
by Stephen February 11, 2005
Any Progressive Big Government politician getting elected out of office by someone who believes in freedom, less taxes and less government.
Uncle Bob: Hey Marge, you see what happened to Martha Coakley in Massachusetts? She sure got teabagged by Scott Brown.

Aunt Marge: Oh yea, the people are fired up and ready to teabag all the elite progressive politicians out of office. Oh we have a tea party coming up next week. I can't wait till Senator Harry Reid gets his teabagging.

Uncle Bob: Haha, November 2010 we'll be seeing all sorts of teabagging.
by blindgoose January 21, 2010
A traditional saying in video games, after you get killed or owned, the player's sprite begin's to motion up and down on your pixelated body. Thus, making you a noob. It's a disgraceful thing to be bestowed upon you but otherwise, You can just kill them and teabag them to get your fair nut-rubbing revenge.
Haha you got teabagged you fag n00b.
by Sin Zanetsu May 07, 2006
Being duped into joining a manufactured "grassroots" anti-tax political movement by the ruling elite and/or media.
Fox News teabagged three thousand people into protesting in downtown Chicago on April 15th.
by Walter Krunk-height April 16, 2009
When you pwn somebody in a shooter a la Rainbow6 3 and crouch up and down on their head
lol I was teabagging that noob and got pwned in the ass
by Nathan July 30, 2004
To stick ones testicles on anothers chin.
Hakim Warrick of Syracuse just teabagged Royal Ivey from Texas on the way to their National Championship.
by Justin March 21, 2004
The action of the United States, because of concerned citizens, coming back to the roots of its foundation through the means of liberty, hard work, truth, and personal responsibility because the population woke up to its history.
OMG, it happened,We were teabagged! They voted all of us incumbents out. America woke up to the evils of power being concentrated. Shoot, now America might succeed again....
by jenndeere April 18, 2009

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