In the classic Xbox game, Halo, it is the practice of repeatedly pressing the crouch bottom while standing on top of the head of a dead opponent's body, simulating the sexual act.
Bryan was sure pissed when the noob tea bagged him in last night's game of Team Slayer.
#halo #halo reach #xbox #tea #teabagged #teabagger #dangling diner #wet your noodle
by yo_antnee September 29, 2011
The art of planting a teabag with ninja like skill into another persons possession
Teabagee:"Why is there a teabag in my pocket?"
Teabagger:"You've just been teabagged"
#teabagged #teabagging #teabag #teabagger #teabagee
by Master of the Lampermonies July 30, 2013
when you stick your balls in someones mouth sometimes when they arent expexting it
there are variations

i.e the alaskan snowcone tea bagging which involves putting ice cream or ice on your ball bag before hand
my favourite would be the iced lemon teabag suprise in which u dip you nut sack in ice lemon tea before give them a dunk in your friends mouth while they are sleeping
make sure to pull out as they awake or they may bite
dont tell your friends or u may get tea bagged
#teabag #tea #bag #alaska #ice #ball
by liamgardiner August 07, 2008
Any Progressive or democrat/communist getting a sack in their mouth by a Teabagger.
That FUP face just got teabagged. She/He took it layin down. She/He just got a mouth full of that hairy sack. She/He probably loved it. Looks like that commie is a pro at being bagged. That Progressive, democrat/communist deserved the full cup of that sack. Looked like She/He was gurgling a little bit.
#progressive #democrat #communist #politician #sack #mouth #teabagger #teabagged #democratic #commie #communism #democrap #democrass
by supergbp March 25, 2011
To lose your public-sector job or benefits as a result of tea party politicians.
After the Tea Party politicians swept into office, Mary and many of her colleagues were immediately teabagged.
#tea bagged #tea bagger #tea party #teabagger #right winger #right-winged politician #screwed over #fired #benefits cut #unemployed
by coffee21 February 20, 2011
The act of seeing or hearing political opinions or propaganda from the tea party, whether the TEA-bag was intentional or not.
Mike: Wow Chris, this video is really good! You should watch it.

Chris: Mike, you just got TEA-bagged.

Mike: DANG IT.
#teabag #video #propaganda #tea party #politics
by FreekJeekSleek August 09, 2011
A term used by CB'ers when another signal so solidly over powers the conversation already at hand so that the original conversation cannot be heard at all thus repesenting a virtual full cock in the mouth. Usually a funny thing is said or a slam.
What CB'er 1 said ... "and so I was walking the dog and when I came back home my wife was setting out key lime pie, and it was really good."

What CB'er 2 heard - ... "and so I was walking my dog and came back home and my wife was" 'GIVING ME A BLOW JOB' "and it was really good."

Thus producing the reply from CB'er 2 "Dude! You just got Tea Bagged!"
Followed by the Tea Bagger and everyone else on the channel laughing.
#cb #cb radio #spanked #spank #walked on #cock in the mouth #tea bagger
by LayItOnYou March 18, 2007
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