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A slang word for marijuana, originating from the person with the same name
Have you got any Hakim?

Yeah, I've got an 8th. 20 quid?
#hakim #weed #drugs #marijuana #pot #cannibis
by Sampat July 14, 2008
Very buff and attractive BUT is a major player! tries to get with ever girl and flirts with them. He has many tricks to get them and is a good liar! He can make you feel like the luckiest girl in the world but can easily replace you in seconds. He makes you fall in love with him in seconds but you shouldnt trust him. He is very sweet and kind but dont forget he is hot and dangerous!
girl-damn he's fine! what's his name?
girl 2-you don't want to get with him, he's hakim.
#player #cheater #liar #sweet #strong
by FckLoveLiveLife January 07, 2012
Wow Hot hot hot!!!! (buff) id eat him
Dat buff arab from white flats
by west June 15, 2004
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