to dip ur balls in someones face when they are either dead or sleeping.
the bungie dude got mad when i tea bagged him.
by Korean Barber May 30, 2008
the act of dangling, rubbing, sliding, and wiping one's testicles (and testicle sweat) over a victim's face whilst they are asleep, incapacitated, unconcious etc etc. usually preferred by performers of a heavily homosexual nature, but can also be used in a guy-on-girl situation with great success.
GUY 1: "Dude, Sandy's just passed the fuck out!!!"

GUY 2: "You GOTTA teabag that shit, man!!!"

GUY 1: "She's gonna wake up to le' testicle' odor haha!"
by Jessesse August 12, 2008
nut fuckin someones mouth, dippin your hairy nut sack into someones mouth over and over again. Kinda like dippin a tea bag into a cup of hot water. only this is a nut sack in thier mouth
1. I tea bagged that ho for a half an hour.

2. open your mouth so I can tea bag you.

3. She woke up only to realize she was being tea bagged.
by The Happy Tea Bagger July 15, 2008
Used by lazy people in the process of making a cup of tea. A fibourous and semi permeable piece of paper containing tea leaves, which, incidentally are very small and inferior when compared to loose leaf tea. Those wishing to enjoy the best flavour of tea ought not use teabags, rather the more appropriate brewing vessel called a tea pot. Usually add about 1 teaspoon per person then one extra, and pour on hot water, and allow to brew for 3-4 minutes. Teabags produce an inferior cup of tea, and interestingly enough, some claim that they can taste the residual flavours of the paper in the tea.
What on earth do you want teabags for chaps? A much better cup of tea is obtained from using tea leaves in a teapot.
by opinionated_bastard July 03, 2006
To dip two habanero into your mouth holding each of them by the stem, before you eat them. A hot sensation will come upon your head. No matter how much you try to fabricate your face, people will see your pain.
I just tea bagged myself man...shit was hotter than Sade.
by MrTallyMon June 13, 2011
To dunk your ball sack like a tea bag into the mouth of another person while they are lying down, prone, asleep or dead
Amar: Hey Kirby, I totally tea bagged that Columbian last night!
by kezzanezza June 04, 2010
1)An odd act performed by males at all-male sleepovers. It usually entails one of the men to place his scrotum on the face of the first guy to fall asleep. Pictures may be taken, but generally are not released out of respect for both parties involved.

2)The act of dipping one's scrotum into a females mouth repeatedly, usually after, or during oral. Usually performed while female is tonguing the scrotum.

3)A small paper pag containing ground tea leaf extract that when dipped into boiling water produces a (usually) sweet solution that may be consumed, we call it Tea.
1) Jerry fell asleep first, so Mark thought it would be funny to tea-bag him. Jerry never woke up and it produced a rather awkward situation which eventually led to us goign to bed in silence.

2) I was doing the nastiest, snagglepuss, hood rat bitch last night, and she wouldn't let me go anal, so I tea bagged her until she vomited, then went anal while she was leaning over the toilet.

3) My friends like to play with the tea bags before they place them in thier mugs.
by Keifer Jennings November 07, 2006

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