When a man towers over a woman and his balls are in her mouth as she plays with it.
I tea bagged my g/f lastt night, man.
by Ritagal September 24, 2006
v. to dip your nuts in someone's face or perferably mouth
i teabagged reggie's face down in corpus
by buiman May 10, 2005
Dropping someones nuts into someones mouth.
You just got teabagged.
by Sias February 09, 2005
latin: coleus gustatus
In this simple fetish, the man repeatedly dips his testicles into the open mouth of his lover or passed-out friend, in a motion similar to dipping a tea bag into a cup of hot water.
from the book: Dirty Sanchez's Guide to Buck Nasty Sex
Republicans want to sully the good name of the Tea Bag by associating it with tax revolt parties. But this aggression will not stand. We must demand that the president sign into law that the only definition of Tea Bag is to dunk your nads in somebody's mouth.
by Dirty Buck Nasty April 15, 2010
1. The act of applying one's nutbag into the open mouth of another.

v. tr.
2. To visit one's sack into the gaping mouth of an accomplice, commonly done between two male Duke students.

Hey man, JJ's in the locker room teabagging on Shav. Let's go get some pizza when they're done.
by Thumb December 16, 2005
to slap a penis, testicle or both onto a sleeping friends face without waking them. this is an art, which takes a long time to master correctly.

this can result in hillarity for the waken group


a very gay moment for the teabagee if they open their mouth trying to encompass both penis and testicle.

or both.
OMG David just teabagged ryan!
by Chode-inator August 09, 2010
To crouch one someone's body after you kill them in a game (usually halo). To but your sack into someone's mouth. A porous pouch containing enough tea for one serving.
That red team bastard teabagged me! Don't cry if you get neutered teabagging someone. Pass me the irish breakfast teabag please.
by Cogitator August 09, 2008
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