1. When a man dips his big sweaty balls into/onto a passed out or sleeping mans face/mouth. Usually is done at a party.

2. A man can tea bag his girlfriend/boyfriend by climbin over their face when they are on their knees and makes an up and down motion with their balls in their Girlfriends/Boyfriends mouth.
1. After he passed out, a pair of hairy balls were slapped across his face and when he yawned were dipped into his mouth.

2. "dude, my girlfriend was suckin my dick last night and i grabbed her hair, pulled her head back, and tea bagged her till i came on her face"
by S.Boxleitner April 25, 2010
'T.E.A.B.A.G' stands for Teach English And Bang Asian Girls. inspired by a website called tealit(teach english and live in taiwan) where actually loads of foreigners just come to taiwan, get in a cram school, earn easy buck, bang as many chick as they can and pay no respect to women. Ofcourse, not all foreigners are like that. But here we specifically mean the ones that come to taiwan only because they are not cool back home.
Watch out for that guy, he is a TEABAG. He just came to taiwan to teach english and get laid.
by rudy 2 shoes January 05, 2009
In the game of Halo, the act of squatting up and down repeatedly over a master chief or elite character that you have just killed simulating placing your scrotum in their mouth.
After slaying Toxic Jet with my sword I proceeded to tea bag his ass.
by Blondie5150 October 23, 2008
a bag full of tea, what you make tea out of
jimmy dipped his teabag in his grandmothers cup of hot watter and made tea
by Towelie March 13, 2005
(verb) To show superiority over another after a kill in a video game, by repeatedly shoving one's ass into the dead player's corpse. A wildly known method of taunting in FPS games such as Halo, Destiny, Call of Duty, among others.
Bro, what the fuck, I keep getting annihilated by this teabagging asshole.

Get fucked son! Gonna teabag you so hard...

This shit's using cheap weapons, we gotta teabag his ass with every kill.
by Johnny motherfucking Gat May 21, 2016
To place one's scrotum on your girls forehead or on a defeated opponent's forehead, cheek, eyes, etc or in their mouth.
After winning the fist fight, he got to teabag the loser with his big sweaty balls.

Winner: Ha! I win bitch! (Unzipping his jeans and pulling his nuts out)
Loser: No anything but the teabag!

Winner:To late bitch! (He proceeds to drag his nuts across the losers face before dunking them in the losers mouth) Yeah suck my balls bitch!! Loser:Humlf!!!! (With tears of shame in his eyes)
by The Holy Diving Troll July 24, 2014
way of describing a cigarette on the sly
will we head for a teabag like?
by shmoke69 May 30, 2011
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