After killing your enemy you violently couch in their face and bend up and down.
I killed a guy and teabaged him.
by matchbox May 12, 2014
putting your sack on an open mouth and begin bagin like you would be making hot tea you could make it a signature drink buy leavin hair behind
dip down & in and up & out . pull hair off and flick into mouth
Tea bag
by Drewski tea maker March 16, 2012
To dip ones nutsack into the mouth of a male, female, or a shemale.
To slap one nutsack on anothers face.
Mike got teabagged hardcore style by Huncho
by A Crazy Negro February 25, 2011
tea bag. a term for an elderly/old person - inparticular, beligerent and grumpy old people stuck in their prehistoric and judgemental ways.
Old woman : "Put that cigarette out you filthy young cretin"

Young smoker to freind : "Did you hear what that old tea bag just said?!"
by not_a_tea_bag November 23, 2009
A small porous sack holding enough tea leaves to make an individual serving of tea.
by Jason A February 18, 2003
A term to call British men who are considered 'dick wads'
Alex: Only women should wear an engagement ring. Never a man. That is wrong, wrong, wrong!
Michael: You're a tea bag! Pun intended!
by Lawen May 06, 2012
A term for someone who is used once, and then discarded of.
Damn Kristela, I heard he only spoke to you cause you had a nice ride?

Your such a teabag!
by Dishwasherbatman June 18, 2011

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