1 \ 'tēabag, n (1935) \ : a bag usually of filter paper holding enough tea for an individual serving.

2 \ 'tēabag, vb \ teabagged \ teabagging : the act of inserting the scrotum into an oral cavity or enacting contact between the scrotum and a person, thing, or other object.

3 \ 'tēabag, n \ a scrotal sac that has or will be inserted into an oral cavity or put into contact between a person, thing, or other object.

4 \ 'teabagger ('tēabaggər, n) \ teabagged, vb \ teabagging : a derogatory slang term for political action(s) or behavior(s) conducted by a Tea Party member (see TEA PARTY). Following unintended ambiguity in slogans and protest banners initially used by Tea Party members (see teabag 2), the term is now used as derisive moniker by opponents to the Tea Party.
1. Charles preferred to steep his teabag for two minutes before removing it to enjoy his morning brew.

2. Susan liked teabagging with her boyfriend because it often helped him to ejaculate.

3. Robert slowly licked Jason's perineum from back to front before he opened his mouth wide for a teabag.

4. I cannot believe the investment matching was eliminated on my state 401K through governmental hijacking by Teabagger politics.
by S.Halvorson April 02, 2011
After killing your enemy you violently couch in their face and bend up and down.
I killed a guy and teabaged him.
by matchbox May 12, 2014
putting your sack on an open mouth and begin bagin like you would be making hot tea you could make it a signature drink buy leavin hair behind
dip down & in and up & out . pull hair off and flick into mouth
Tea bag
by Drewski tea maker March 16, 2012
tea bag. a term for an elderly/old person - inparticular, beligerent and grumpy old people stuck in their prehistoric and judgemental ways.
Old woman : "Put that cigarette out you filthy young cretin"

Young smoker to freind : "Did you hear what that old tea bag just said?!"
by not_a_tea_bag November 23, 2009
(n) Tampon.
I knew my girlfriend was menstruating, as I saw the cord of her tea bag.
by Dr Merkin November 02, 2008
A small porous sack holding enough tea leaves to make an individual serving of tea.
by Jason A February 18, 2003
Where person giving the said "tea bag" holds penis in upward motion pulling up & uses but sack to slap ones forehead. This is done in a light swinging motion. Nuts can also lay on ones head and be considered the same.
Man lays nuts on ones forehead & says "tea bag!"
by BReady1989 November 19, 2015
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