John Waters "invented" teabagging in his film "Pecker" (1998). In an interview, he stated that he wanted to show a male variation on lap dancing, so he came up with the somewhat ludicrous idea of a guy in underwear "dipping" his package on the forehead of the bar patron.
The hunk, wearing only BVDs, crouched down, legs spread, and teabagged the delighted old queen.
by Richard Groff April 12, 2004
The art of dipping ones testicles into another persons mouth, much like dipping a teabag into a cup. This act often occurs either in foreplay, or when playing a prank on a passed out friend at a party.
"How about you just your mouth or i'll teabag you when you fall asleep"
by Gav800 September 07, 2005
When you put a girl under you and you dip your balls in her mouth
Tea Bag those balls in my mouth baby
by FT\/\/ July 19, 2006
n.- another name for scrotum
"Man, my teabags itch."

"I put my teabags in that passed-out chick's mouth."
by f'in goofy January 05, 2006
Enlarged testicles that hang low in one's nutsack
His tea bags tended to hang low when the weather was hot
by Dan November 19, 2003
To dip someones balls on a another person's face, usually when their sleeping.
I teabagged strelok after he passed out last night. What a hermit!
by Magnester January 30, 2009
V. - To bring shame and humiliation on a helpless opponent by repeatedly placing ones scrotum, or nuts in their face or mouth. Also can refer to any act which is intended to mimic this repeated scrotal contact.
Joe was crying tears of frustration and shame when I pistol whipped him and proceeded to teabag his fragged corpse until he respawned.
by Les Miller September 29, 2007
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