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2. An incredibly vile way to drink Caesars (vodka & clamato +), in which the drinker dunks a (clean) tampon into their beverage, and then sucks the beverage from the sodden tampon. The tampon in this case, is the teabag.
Poopsie, much to the horror of all onlookers, dipped his teabag into the drink, and sucked it dry.
by haysoos March 28, 2005
Someone who worships the Great God Hoo, god of inebriation and Hawaiian shirts.

Hooligans can be distinguished from hooligans by the fact that true Hooligans have nothing to do with soccer/football, and rarely get into fights because they're too busy drinking.

Hooligans are more difficult to distinguish from regular alcoholics, but Hooligans often hold a job. For a while. And they wear Hawaiian shirts.
"Hey, you Hooligans can't park here!!"
by haysoos May 29, 2005

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