n. A fatty outgrowth from the bottom of the buttocks, usually larger on one side and potato-like in appearance, and only found on extremely overweight individuals. Truck/lorry drivers seem especially prone to possessing them.
Whoa, that hee-haw is so fat, he's got a tater the size of a football!
by Executor321 October 08, 2011
Any one of the house of Gamma Theta Gamma
dude that dustin kid is such a tater
by randomkidthatvisited March 09, 2008
A name describing a stand up guy. A skilled person. A dedicated person. Someone tuned in.
"Homeboys gettin' good. He's almost on a tater level."
by Likshots February 01, 2006
Tater is a backwoods, hillbilly way of saying Potato, as in the vegetable.
Pass dem taters, Clem!
by James Bond! December 16, 2004
Hater of tall people , derived from the words tall-hater. Usually a person with Napoleon III complex. Envy the height of another person
You: how tall are you?

Tall person: 6'4", why

You: I didn't know they stacked shit that high! Lol!

Tall person: whatever chump, your just a tater! ...Later tater!
by spokane Jesse November 23, 2009
Oftentimes resembling douche-like qualities and expressing high levels of douchbaggery. The aforementioned exhibits ferry tendencies in borderline homosexual situations they typically initiate. Characteristics include wearing frayed jeans with flip flops, drinking canned Busch beer, and frequenting local North Side of Chicago Wrigleyville drinking establishments. Physical qualities consist of receding hairlines that of Simple Jack from the movie Tropic Thunder and browsing ESPN message boards.

Additional attributes include exhibiting Gump-like qualities, drinking merlot at the bar, red-shirted asses, Bill Cosby sweater wearing, blue-tooth headset talking, huge bleacher spoiler wing driving, taters.
by tater_hater November 02, 2008
A closed fist bump by two willing participates.
Paul did such a good job, Mark gave him a tater.
by mlcecil August 30, 2008

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