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To be hammered, incoherently drunk, having a good time...etc.
Tom was tatered last night.
by Kate December 07, 2004
(adj) To be extremely high, drunk, hammered, etc.
"Dude, I was so tatered I thought the moon was god"

"Shit dude, I was so tatered last night!"
by Tatered mane March 29, 2009
having someone hijack your Facebook account and informing all of your friends that you love having dicks in the butt or that you enjoy "dickbutt".
"What the fuck...?!"

"Oh dude...look at your status! I KNEW you liked dicks in your butt!"

"Son of a bitch..."

"YOU'VE BEEN TATERED...Ahahahaha!!!"
by Tainter Dickbutt December 03, 2010
To be extremely fatigued after a busy day and a night on the tiles.
Bob awoke, pale and dishevelled, after tiling a floor and a skin full down 'The Travellers'. "I'm absolutely tatered" was his response.
by L.BSeed February 03, 2005
when you t-bag someone but your nuts are so big theyre like oversized tatertots
jeremy got tatered by jett!!!!!!
ohnoes did u see nolan get tatered?!?!?!?!
by jeremyjeiromejett February 02, 2008
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