Sometimes referred to a woman or a womans vagina (southern).
..."hey man, I'm gonna get some Tater tonight!"
by Bryan III September 28, 2006
The nickname for the legendary football community forum member, The Concerned Potato Head aka TCPH aka Adrian Glenn. Tater is a reference to redneck slang for a potato.
1) Tater, you are most certainly, the daddy
2) Love me tenderly Tates
3) We all love yer Taters
by Adrian Glenn January 03, 2005
a female with small "tots" or boobs.
Hey, have you seen Tater around today?
by Taterhater2010 May 06, 2010
a woman's reproductive organ that omits a foul smell, sometimes mucas colored discharge, and is overall not well maintainced.
Until you come into contact personally with one of these Tater's you will not understand what it really is, but if you see one you will know.
by Glenn Quagmeire January 11, 2010
The area of skin between the anus and the genitals. "Tatering" entails poking a person's tater unexpectedly and pronouncing, "Tater!" in victory.
Oh dude, Chris just touched my tater!
by ijofiviojweioj November 22, 2009
1.Being a russian. Specifically a nickname of sorts. Usually said as an insult. Named for the fact of which vodka was invented by russians. Vodka is made out of potatoes jsyk! Mainly stated for the purpose of hurting the "tater", but instead is possibly amusing to the victim of this name.
Tater-hater: "Hey, did u guys soo those taters driving by? They so eat a lot of potatoes (if you know what i mean)"

Tater-hater2: "Hell yea, i can hear the music that was playing too, ahh those taters...good times, good times."
by CooleyJuli February 14, 2009
A domestic equivalent of an import vehicle (usually Japanese) commonly referred to as Rice. Often "tricked out" with unnecessary spoilers, unpainted body kits, and/or a fartcan.
"Man, did you see that tatered Ford Focus at the auto show?"
"I sure did! And that Cavalier was a huge tater too!"
by ack154 May 15, 2006

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