A lazy person who is just sitting around doing nothing.
Quit being a tater and get your lazy butt off the couch!
by Yibsy October 23, 2009
Female breasts, especially large ones. This term is considered very casual and somewhat crude. Compare to jugs.
Check out the taters on this girl!
by Greenie March 24, 2004
1. Cold - rhyming slang (from potatoes in the mould)
2. Potatoes
3. Cool, good
Its a bit taters imma go fetch me weasel
pass the taters, im starvin
by anaemic January 18, 2004
Verb - to end gainful employement. (KY)
Zach: Hey, have you seen Scott today?
Frank: No, didn't you hear? He got tatered last week.
by Not Frank or Jeff November 13, 2009
A tenacious little guy playing basketball. (i.e. Spud Webb)
I was playing Spud Webb in NBA Jam, and when he got icy he turned into a flamin' tater.
by Shawn C.L. Bradley January 21, 2004
Northern English and Southern American regional accent word for "Potato".
"Imma gonna gimme some o' them tater chips."
"Ey up, mate; fancy some taters later?"
by Gundyman March 09, 2014
Slang term used in reference to a vagina.
Peggy called and wants me to come over and smash her tater.
by tater1 May 31, 2011

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