A testicle of exponentially larger size than the other.
He could immediateley tell he had a tater, after seeing the nearly 5:1 ratio of his two testicles.
by Paul Tessman September 28, 2006
1. A code name for crack, Usually used in the south.

2. A slang term for potatoes.
Hey yo, I got that tater.
by LoMaxDaLegend October 12, 2005
A male getting head reffered to in yung joc's cd
yo dog i got some tater in the front seat of the hummer
by Colin DPG February 21, 2008
David, Trevor, Mark. See retard.
Your such a tater Rachelle.
by Rachelle April 18, 2005
Also know as a dip, or a gargantuan portion of smokless tobacco placed between to the bottom teeth and lower lip
Hey Peter-man, let's put in a tater and chill.
Slang for a home run in baseball
Barry Bonds hit two taters last night!
by Robbo August 27, 2003
another way of saying goodbye, i.e. laters - becomes taters
alright mate, i'll see you tomorrow, taters
by Liam W July 17, 2006

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