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Slang term used in reference to a vagina.
Peggy called and wants me to come over and smash her tater.
by tater1 May 31, 2011
tater- in florida a really fat joint of weed about as big around as your thumb
Dude get my sack and roll a fat tater.
by downtownhunterbrown January 20, 2009
A small, oval shaped vegitable normally eaten by the Irish, people on Prince Edward Island, and Gollum. It is also the symbol of WTP(Whats taters productions) Tater can be used to describe something(You dumb tater) or it can be used as a greeting or question(Whats taters!/Whats taters?)
Whats taters precious? whats taters eh?
by THompson0478 October 27, 2005
Anus, rectum, buttocks or ass
Used almost exclusively with the phrase "Taking it in the tater" or "Took it in the tater" meaning to get screwed literally in the butt or screwed over figuratively.
by glenngod July 11, 2012
A home run in baseball. Origin unknown
Albert Pujols smacked three taters today!
by Anonymous July 20, 2004
n. A fatty outgrowth from the bottom of the buttocks, usually larger on one side and potato-like in appearance, and only found on extremely overweight individuals. Truck/lorry drivers seem especially prone to possessing them.
Whoa, that hee-haw is so fat, he's got a tater the size of a football!
by Executor321 October 08, 2011
Any one of the house of Gamma Theta Gamma
dude that dustin kid is such a tater
by randomkidthatvisited March 09, 2008