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the state of being badass
Anthony and Chanelle will always be known for their badassness.
by chennla May 29, 2008
Chuck Norris (born March 10, 1940)
John: Dude that was a load of badassness.

Bob: Yeah man did you see the wheel barrow full of Chuck Norris Memoribillia!
by anrko77 July 02, 2010
characteristic of badass, totally awesome, cool as fucking shit, super rad, a more down to earth version of holiness. can also be used as a suitable title of honor.
I sure wish some of my badassness could rub off on that officer giving me this bullshit parking ticket.
by miss christa February 22, 2010
Something so badass that it needs an extra 6 letters,thus making badassness
Dude that car is made of badassness
by Son.Of.Khaine February 22, 2010
the act of being bad ass
"i like Roger Clemens bad assness"
"you gotta show your bad assness"
by Ali December 10, 2003
One who know that they are super bad
Jane badassness was flowing out of her.
by heyyou0426 September 07, 2009
better than bad ass. explaining bad ass.
i am the princess of white trash and bad assness.
by cosmo1974 May 26, 2009

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