1. the most perfect girl in all the world
2. the girl i need to breathe
you know why i need an inhaler? cause i'm not near tara
by fectdible January 07, 2009
a forensically frenetic pseudo psychotic princess. tara is an advocate of only 2 dresses which are worn for every occasion

often seeen to be indulging in 'tara time' or 'taradise' which is not as pleasant as it sounds and often involves removal of copious amounts of body hair and armpit sniffing and toe nail biting
"Has anyone seen tara tonite?"
"thats ritzy tittle.. not likely'
by forensicfag February 06, 2010
One who is the auto shop whore. Can be depended on for a variety of services.

Guy 1: Man, I was minding my business when all of a sudden I felt something humping my leg.

Guy 2: Dude, me too! It must have been a Tara

Guy 3: Tara's give diseases steer clear!
by mimi34556 February 05, 2010
a way of saying goodbye. Used often by Art Attack man (Neil Buchannan).
"well, i hope you enjoyed this episode of art attack, tara!"
by neilbuchannananananananaman April 16, 2009
1- Someone who will lick out boys ears in airplane toilets.
2- Someone that loves playing NUMBER WANG.
3- The worlds champion of strip phone-sex.
4- A fricking awesome bitch who has a dirty mind.
1-"Oh My Gosh! Did you see that Tara in the airplane toilet?"
2- "You can tell shes a Tara, I heard her in the bathroom playing NUMBER WANG."
3- "And then we started doing strip phone-sex and man, is she ever a Tara!"
4- "I love that Tara but when we were playing golf and I said 'Thats a hole-in-one' she made it dirty."
by NumberWang October 20, 2009
A girl who cheats on her boyfriend. She cheated on bart, she cheated on tyler and she cheated on me. She was sexy but selfish and inconsiderate.
Quit being such a Tara, just shut up and be happy.
by andrew4316 December 02, 2009
Noun: a narcissistic megalomaniac that wants to do everything, thinks he/she is always right, and thinks the world revolves around him/her.
Bob thinks the world revolves around him; he's such a Tara!
by Salvatore D. Broncherito July 29, 2008
one who likes auto mechanics in a sexual nature
I cant believe she banged the whole car shop. What a tara
by hot cock jim August 06, 2008

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