Verb- to vomit; specifically due to drinking an excess amount of Hawaiian Punch-based alcohol in preparation for a rousing game of lasertag.
"Hey Danny, I think I may have overdone it on the Appletinis. Can you direct me to your bathroom so i can tara in and around it? Don't worry, I will avoid the toilet at all costs."
by Tha_Murphdogg December 06, 2009
An awesome friend. Is always there for you. Amazing at writing, singing, dancing and is very smart and talented. Can do anything in life if she tries. Even though she has alopecia, she is still beautiful in every possible way. It does not take away from her. Has so many friends, and has your back ALL the time! Tara is truly amazing.
Jesus: Is that an angel?
Me: Nope, that's just Tara!
by Tara'sawesome1 January 06, 2013
Tara is a beautiful, unique person. They usually have red hair, blue eyes and freckles. Tara is very funny and has a fantastic sense of humor. She is the most wonderful friend anyone could ask for. Everybody loves Tara!
"Tara is my best friend"
"I'm not sure what I would do without Tara"
by Smiley😃 July 07, 2016
A beautiful, amazing and sexy person who everyone is attracted to. People love her so much and always want to be near her. If someone is near Tara then they will most likely fall over with admiration and/or swoon because they are crazy for her love.
Person A: Omigod, look, it's Tara!!
Person B: Oh no i'm going to die if she looks at me, like literally going to die.
Tara: Hi guys, how are you?
(Person A and B both faint with admiration and awe)
by MissSparkleAndGlitterPony June 27, 2016
A man so irritating that you just want punch them in the face and murder there family
John:that guy is such a Taras
Ben:damn Daniel
by look at my dab May 28, 2016
Qualities of a Tara:
Can go ape shit crazy
Very show off-y
Her friends may like her but if you don't know her fully, people tend to stay away.
Boy 1: Dude that Tara girl is hot
Boy 2: Yeah she's hot bro but she's freakin psycho
Boy 1: There goes my chance with her
by bipolarcarrot July 25, 2016
An informal or childish way of saying goodbye. Commonly used in the UK.
Have a nice night, and Tara!
by My_Pseudonym_Is_This November 26, 2013
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