tara is a little bitch who thinks shes funny , when lets be honest if you know a tara you kinda just wanna punch them in the face but you don't because you feel sorry for them as all tara's are really ugly. if you know a tara or god forbid is going out with tara , well get her out of your life now as she will cause you so much pain from her ugliest and from her stupidness , so yeah .. tara's are just not worth the effort
fuck off and stop being a tara
by tarasmellslikepoop August 09, 2015
Usually a brunette immature girl, whom is obsessed with hippos and alpacas.
She usually tends to embarrass everyone she is seen with.
Person 1: Woah, that girls is so immature rolling around on the ground over there, making squawking noises.
Person 2: Oh, that's just Tara, we learn to accept it.
by Nekonohi November 20, 2010
werid, like spaghetti love lia and her beans she licked lia better when she hurt her neck but she STINKS so bad and errruugh its horrible
oh look its taraspaghetti!
by afrojo June 30, 2011
A girl who likes to piss on dogs.
Boy: She's A Tara..
by NOOBATTACK May 02, 2011
a white female that loves to spread em for black men. also known as a wigger that loves dark "meat"; hoe; once used to be a farm girl- then got addicted to maijuana and started fxxkin every black male in the city; stupid*ss; p*ssyxss bxtch that cant say nothin to nobody
-"Is she with wayne- or Aj?"
-"idk- one of those ni**as. you kno how tara be hoe-in"
by #defininhoess November 07, 2010
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