A girl who likes to piss on dogs.
Boy: She's A Tara..
by NOOBATTACK May 02, 2011
A total bitch
OMG you're lyke such a Tara!
by hohohoebag March 09, 2011
a white female that loves to spread em for black men. also known as a wigger that loves dark "meat"; hoe; once used to be a farm girl- then got addicted to maijuana and started fxxkin every black male in the city; stupid*ss; p*ssyxss bxtch that cant say nothin to nobody
-"Is she with wayne- or Aj?"
-"idk- one of those ni**as. you kno how tara be hoe-in"
by #defininhoess November 07, 2010
an cranky cantankerous bitch with an ass the size of a couple time zones, but can be up to the size of a planet... A part-time POG!!!
thats where they got “tara-byte”...
by ds12 June 30, 2010
Stupid ginger whore with a cheese fetish
SHIT! here comes tara
by randypanda May 06, 2010
dirty slut
Hey... I payed money to get a Tara
by blocktionary May 22, 2010
Tara (noun) - Someone who is way too into themselves. Words to help describe a tara:

Self Centered
Attention Hungry Whore

A typically tara is the type of person that will upload stupid pictures of themselves they take with their phone at work, and post them onto facebook like people care. But nobody does.
Hey, that chick hopped up on that table to take a picture to look like she was dancing on the table, but she wasn't really because she's really just a fake bitch. That girl defines tara.
by A2LovesYou August 03, 2010

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