Medical and anatomical nomenclature is "perineal body."

The word perineum is a broad term used to describe a large area that includes the scrotum/vagina, anus and skin that lies around that general area. Taint is not perineum, but is the central point that lies in the middle of the perineum.
The surgeon had to cut my taint because the baby was too large.
by ralas h aka veba matam January 28, 2008
the correct definiton to "taint" is the spot between the vagina and the asshole. That is what taint is. Gooch is the spot between the nut sac and the asshole. Now you know the difference on those spots...
(girl) "That guy was all over me, he was licking from my pussy to my taint"
(2nd girl) "Woah, sounds like he was into you"
by zergtillian October 26, 2006
the space between the vagina and the rectal opening
Aint the pussy or the asshole - it's the taint
by Joe December 11, 2002
1)The difference maker between the vagina and the anus, or the Ball sack and another anus
2)A jumping-off point, a place of decision
3)Sweaty region that is curiously intriguing to its owner
1)He has learned that starting from the front was crucial, as one time he had boldly worked his way from the asshole forward, only to encounter a man-sized taint.
2)The presidential candidate announced that he had moved beyond his own taint, and was ready to make the sacrifice for the good of the country. He was entering the fray, and would help to heal the taints of the American people.
3)He could not help but do a quick taint test during his filibuster, and for that Senator Strom's reputation was forever tainted.
by Pantaloon January 07, 2008
It ain't yo' ass, and it ain't yo pussy.
"Are you not into taint?!!" - Russell Crowe, Gladiator

by Melakulipto December 04, 2007
There seems to be some confusion between a taint and a gooch.

Taint, belongs to a woman. It is the small strech between a womans nether regions. It taint the pussy and it taint the asshole.

Gooch is the seem between the family jewels and the brown eye. guy + cooch= gooch.
Her taint looked like Groucho Marks' mustache.
by crowdiddly June 10, 2009
the area between a dude's balls and asshole. southern urban slang. generally used in sexual conversation.
My man likes it when I rub his taint!
by Boogie_Nighty August 10, 2005

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