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31 definitions by nitro

Industrial metal one man band virtuoso.
Best musician of the century.
Celldweller is god.
by Nitro August 13, 2003
Someone who is a fuck, an ass, and a bitch all at once.
A middle schooler insult.
Shut up you fuck ass bitch!!!
by Nitro March 02, 2003
license plates on a vehicle, usually a term used by police.
"run her tags to see if she's driving a stolen car."
by nitro November 06, 2003
Really REALLY fucking fast neo-classical percision guitar soloist.
Can play more notes than you can register in your head.
Yngwie RULES
by Nitro March 02, 2003
a car that runs on manual (stick shift) transmission.
My new vettes a stick, six speed w/posi-drive.
by nitro November 09, 2003
A fart/air biscuit or a turd/poo/feces
"I'm gonna go have a trump" "I've just trumped" "I just had a trump in a carrier bag behind that bush!"
by Nitro April 27, 2003
to spend money on something; to purchase something
dude just dropped 20 bones on that classic '65 mustang!
by nitro March 19, 2004