Tuesday Afternoon Drinks.

The earlier version of or prelude to TND.

TAD allows you to get really pissed if you do TND as well or mediocre drunk if you go home on time.

If you find yourself in a pub before 5pm with a pint in your hand on a Tuesday, you are doing TAD.
If you find yourself doing TAD every week, you're doing it too often.

Also be careful combining TAD with too many other AD's during the same week.

Although TAD is better than MAD, WAD, ThAD and FAD are better still.
A: What 3pm already?

B: Yeah, time flies.

A: We need to pack up and go.

B: What for?

A: For TAD of course!
by YoungR January 20, 2011
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a little
by Anonymous April 16, 2003
Total Anal Destruction
Boy 1: Did you hear how bad Aaron's TAD was last weekend?
Boy 2: Yeah. He was in the emergency room for two hours getting his pink sock taken care of.
by MellonMachine November 15, 2010
Terrorist Anxiety Disorder - noun

A mental disorder where one lives in perpetual fear of a terrorist attack regardless of location, as if a terrorist will make a bold new statement by attacking a midwestern suburban middle-class house. A person affected with this disorder will commonly hoard massive amounts of bottled water and non-perishable food in their basement in the event of such an attack. These are people who live in continual fear of attacks and still refuse to fly in a plane (thus allowing the terrorists achieve their goal - fear), but can often be found following anyone with a middle-eastern appearance around the grocery store to make sure they are not up to no good.
Will and Sharen suffer from T.A.D. and wouldn't go to the local mall because they believed it was a prime target for terrorism.
by Pete Crapia April 24, 2006
An amazing grunge metal band from Seattle. Frontman Tad Doyle was notable for being over 300 pounds and kicking ass. Tad was an awesome band, but unfortunately, they never really became popular outside of Seattle and among grunge fans. They're notable for not going towards the alternative and punk side of grunge, similar to other grunge metal bands like Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, My Sister's Machine, and Gruntruck. I wish they still made music, because they kicked ass.
Person 1: You know, Tad and Nirvana actually played a show together in the 80's and they thought that Tad was more talented.
Person 2: I really can't disagree. Tad is fucking awesome.
Person 1: Yeah, too bad they never got the recognition they deserved,
by LoganR93 August 19, 2011
Totaly Awsome Dude, he is handsome always looks and smells good. has a great accent, girls love him.

great guy to be around always makes people laugh, everbody loves Tad

The BEST of everything
lets hang out with Tad

Tad is the man
by tecker11 November 29, 2010
a truly loving man who puts his family first always. He is gentle caring and wants nothing but the best for his family. He is there for everything ... a shoulder to cry on, someone to laugh with, and protector of us all. He is a passionate man and his passion shows in everything he does ... especially his music. He is a great musician and a wonderful artist all around. He loves his family unconditionally as they do him. He is the type of man that we are blessed to have as a part of our lives :)
This is my dad, Tad

This is the love of my life, Tad
by HONKOMG February 02, 2010
Thats A Damn Shame
Your grandmother: Tads/Thats A Damn Shame
by Bums735 August 27, 2011

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