Someone who is so retarded they don't even deserve an "R".
Can you believe Bobby? He brought a keg of O'Douls to the senior party. What a Tad!
by MC Beer Truck June 05, 2011
1: Name, Polish or Eastern European origin. Short for Tadous. English translation is Ted

2: a non-descriminate measurement, usually refering to a very small fraction of a whole (under the given circumstance)
1: Hey Tad. lookin sharp

2: Just throw in a tad more
by Andrew_BC_smoke February 04, 2010
The 2nd smallest unit of fake measure, after the skosh. It is known to be smaller in length than the smidge.
Hey, Chris? Be a sweetie and move the gun rack a tad to the left, would you? Love you.
by timbo13 December 16, 2008
TAD is derived from ancient Guadalajara, near the region of necrophiliacs. Contrary to redneck interpretation, TAD means large geneltalia. Someone with a massive penis is considered a TAD. Female homo sapiens yearn for the extremely large man meat of a TAD.
"I was in the locker room the other day and I accidentally glanced at a TAD. That's all I can think about now. I'm not gay either. It is just that when he changed shorts it fell out and hit my foot. I pray my lady never sees it or her hole will be enlarged beyond the point where I may continue to enjoy it."
by Panties Stang March 21, 2010
Tad is the opposite of short tad derives form a bad MF that tryed to chop a cherry tree down the only thing that tads good at is popping cherry's tad actually means huge girls beware
Tad licon
by BADASSTAD December 25, 2009
A douche bag who invented the "Cunt Punt" to torture innocent women, constantly plays with himself, and does anything annoying to get attention. Deep down, all he really wants is a dick in his mouth, since his is amazingly tiny.
If I were a Tad I'd just become a woman.
by The Cunt Punt Victim February 07, 2010
The meaning of this word dates back to the 1500's when all the famous kings jesters were retarded and the king got tired of this word so he shortened it to tad.
Make sure my Jester is a tad this time.
by Tad Lord May 09, 2009

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