A style of dancing in which the dancer's arms are extended and the waist is jerked to and fro. It is usually performed during moments of extreme intoxicated jubilation, in order to celebrate a unique moment in time.
That jam was so nasty, I couldn't help but tad out.
by Jdubs949 April 13, 2008
The meaning of this word dates back to the 1500's when all the famous kings jesters were retarded and the king got tired of this word so he shortened it to tad.
Make sure my Jester is a tad this time.
by Tad Lord May 09, 2009
Trolling Addiction Disorder. People have become so obsessed with trolling, rick rolling, and tactical fagging that it's just gay and annoying. But sure, it was hilarious maybe the first three times.
girl 1: for all you out there with T.A.D. fuck off!
troll 1: umadbro?
troll 2: *likes comment* whyumadtho? trololol
2 hours later
girl 1 gets rick rolled
by tric318920 December 07, 2011
Abbreviation for "Tool and Douchebag": a slang term for a person disliked for social inappropriateness and obnoxious comments
Ian is such a tad!
by Tarheel1 October 15, 2009
This is an acronym for "Take a Dump".
I really have to TAD.

Leave me alone, I'm Tadding.
I Tadded in my pants
by Bob Williams April 15, 2004
The ability to take a dick

T= take
A= A
D= Dick
hey the girl is hot, she could probably Tad
by Vinsin22 August 08, 2009
An annoying retard who always wanders into other peoples rooms, says "Hey bud I'm on a boat," swings his keys, spits in water fountains, constantly plays with himself, and does anything annoying to get attention. Deep down, all he really wants is a dick in his mouth.
Tad, quit playing with your balls our get out of my room.


Tad, shut the hell up.


Tad, I will take those keys from you and shove them up your ass.
by MyDickIs2Jons December 01, 2009
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