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when i first heard their cd, it wasnt that great..then i started listening to it again and again and the songs start sounding so good, i think soad is one of the best bands of our time. one thing i love about them is there individual sound, i havent heard any other band that sounds like them.
soad is one of the best bands
by atticus 10009 November 28, 2003
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System of A Down, or SoaD for short is the greatest band out there. Their lead singer Sarj Tankian and the gutairist Daron Malakian met at their bands seprete recordings. They got along well and they started a band togeather. They ended up getting John Dolmayan the drummer and Shavo Odadjian the bass player. They have released three cds to date. Their Self-Titled System Of A Down, Toxicity, and Steal this Album!. At the current time they are recording a two new cd deal, Hyptnotise and Mesmorize. They are fairly popular and speak aginst war and speak for human rights. They do this in their songs. (War, BYBO, F the System, Boom, Prision Song, Deer Dance, and some others) I would classify them as a metal band. Not a heavier one.
System Of a Down is the greatest band to have ever walked this planet.
by Kiley THE SOAD ADDICT April 02, 2005
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An Armenian rock band who campaign against genocide.
Let's go listen to SOAD instead of being mindless cretins.
by Returner April 16, 2004
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An amazing bad, System of a down are metal, but to all the jackass's out there who say they are crap... your fucking wrong, as the stuff they sing about adress's the world's problems. Daron Malakian is one of the best guitarist of his time, Serj Tankian is an amazing singer, Shavo Odadjian is a slick bass player, and John Dolmayan is a skillful drummer. One of the best bands on the planet, they are just freaking amazing in every sense of the world. Owning three of their albums, I have listened to them enought to know they are amazing. The band's type of music is generally alternative metal/rock, thugh they have turned their genre into an amazing style. So to all the System fans out there, though System arn't the best, they are ONE of the best, and I sault you. To everyone who is a fan of metal and hasn't tried them, you'll love them, and if your a dumbass who thinks they scream/shout and can't sing, then do yourself a favour: get a life.
if you like System Of A Down, but are new to them, a great Album to start with is Toxicity - not only a great album, it has some of the best songs ever made on it
by Charlie/Josh June 02, 2006
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A mainstream alt-metal band of Armenian descent. They are considered a political band despite the fact that most of their songs have nothing to do with politics, though they do concern moral/ethical issues at times. They are not left wing or right wing (they criticize both in their songs, so if you think they are just trendy Bush-haters, you are wrong) but moderates, and anti-war. One of the few nu-metalers from the '99-'01 years to survive the test of time, because they are actually good.
System of a Down saves heavy music once again from metalcore garbage and nu-metal cliches.
by Latz July 07, 2005
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a great band who have entered the mainstream and yes, have a lot of retarded fans. probaly gay teenage goths and posers or people who have only heard aerials, chop suey and toxicity, but the vocals simply cannot be beat and each member has great songwriting skills and a unique musical style
system of a down is brilliant
by GEORGE November 05, 2003
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Why does everyone say SOAD is loaded with Tattoos and piercings? I don't think any of them has a visible piercing or tattoo. The only strange thing about their appearance is the beards. Yeah, they have some really weird looking beards. Often their songs reflect this weirdness. But it's good weirdness; it sounds cool, it's catchy and it makes you think. System IS different, I could always tell if a song was by system on the radio (even before I started listening to them) thanks to Serj's crazy Armenian voice. Some people refuse to acknowledge their talent because they're stuck in the days of Slayer and Black Sabbath (who are good... but their time is over), but I think SOAD is truly one of a kind.
System of a Down's style might not be right up you alley, but you can't deny that they're unique.
by lalala August 27, 2004
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