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The best metal band ever, the only people who actually hate it are dumbass slipknot fans who spam the metal forum every time someone tells them to shut the fuck up about maggots, seriously.

The best they've ever made is the best album I've ever seen: Seventh Son. Also check out Powerslave and Somewhere In Time.
Anyone who says Iron Maiden suck obviously have no taste in music, so ignore them.
by theamazingbender November 15, 2006
An unfortunate band who's had their most mediocre songs become hits, yet have their best work go unnoticed and make everyone think that they suck because of the mediocre songs. Many of their good songs, such as boom point out true flaws in the system, unlike such pathetic bands as Simple Plan and Good Charlotte.
System of a Down has had some unfortunate hits, such as lonely day and hypnotize, yet some of their best works like sugar and war? have gone unnoticed thanks to the media.
by theamazingbender November 15, 2006
The best fucking game EVER! its ddr, only you use your fingers as feet or you can play with your feet if you have a pad.
Holy shit i cant believe i AAed an 11 step song on stepmania! i'm gonna go out to the bar to celebrate!
by Theamazingbender October 19, 2006
The master of kung fu, known for his "silencer" technique. Hailed by ninjas and fanboys alike, he fights for freedom, justice, and the american way
Is it a bird? no its a plane! no, its Saint Fu!
by theamazingbender November 07, 2006
a horrible game filled with 2 year old immature chumps begging, whoring, and generally being a jackass. the only reason you play is so you dont get harassed by some jackass that'll harass you even if you are his level. i'm not a hypocrite i've played 2 years and if you dont believe me look up homerman2.
Runescape is full of idiots so dont play it.
by theamazingbender October 03, 2006
Internet slang mainly used by fat, lazy, and/or stupid teens who's iq is 100x their weight. Catagorized by stupidly acronymizing three letter words that only take about a quarter second of typing. (people who spell you wrong, i'm especially talking to you!)
whitgrl24:omg y u bi disin n mi?
Me: because you're an idiot, now stop using teenspeak or i'll use this rake to cut your heart out, then pee on it
by Theamazingbender October 19, 2006
Something thats hard. mainly used with avid stepmania and In The Groove Players
Joe the person:OMG i have a 20 page essay to do!
Joe's friend bob: dude, thats so Gaussian Blur
by Theamazingbender October 19, 2006
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