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A really talented man with a very beautiful face (have you seen him smile...makes me weak to think about it) and a voice that radiates passion. He is the most entertaining singer EVER!
Serj Tankian is IT!!
by BHEENHA January 10, 2004
The only band I have heard in YEARS that speaks to me. Their words and sounds are mystical, etherial, a challenge to grasp...but they fill me with music and some days, the will too live. Say what you will about them, to me they are the closest thing to heaven I know...and I am an athiest.
All we need is inner vision...like System of a Down. Don't hate them because their beautiful.
by BHEENHA January 10, 2004
1.Makes sounds on his bass that make my insides jiggle like jello…aw yeah!!
2.Looks at times like the quintessential demon of Christian lore yet posses a compelling beauty
3.Looks like a bad boy but sounds like an angel
4.Definitely the most intriguing member of SOAD
5.Did I mention he plays the sexiest musical instrument in the sexiest band on the planet!!!
There are no examples...Shavo is an original.
by BHEENHA January 10, 2004
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