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about the best metal band ever, mostly because not only are they incredibly talented but they're actually singing something with a message, they have political views which they wish to share, they dont sing about girls like car and money over boys with is complete bull shit anyway, anyone who has deffined system of a down as pop should go pull the giantic bug out of there ass!!!! they ARE authenic not like avril who ses that she i sand tries to be apunk and sings shit music
"our heritage, our politics, are really impotant, but our musical vibe together is our thing. our live preformances speak for themselves"
by wasteddevilducky July 22, 2004
a rubber ducky, that instead of being cute and yellow is ususally red or black with devil horns and is totally the coolest toy in the world
i love my devil ducky its so much cooler then my rubber ducky
by wasteddevilducky July 22, 2004
a girl growing up in a totally hippie but very loving family, need better self essteem, we love her.
"hey that girls really nice, ill bet she lives in ithaca ny"
"yup shes a biz"
by wasteddevilducky July 22, 2004

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