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A freaking awesome band. Their lyrics dont make sense half of the time unless u think about them. Their political views are great as everyone has stated, but nobody gave an example. The lyrics to "Prison Song" are incredibly true.

"All research and sucsessful drug policys show that treatment should be increased!
And law enforcement decreased while abolishing, mandatory, minimum sentences!
Utilizing drugs to pay for secret wars around the world, drugs are now ur global policy now u plice the globe!
Drug money is used to rig elections and train brutal corporate sponsor dictators around the world!"

Let's get right to the point. Even though every single one of them are going to hell, their music is the BEST. Heavy metal band that is enjoyed by EVERYONE. The screaming and heavy instrument playing is simple amazing.


Descriptions of albums
Self Titled - Freaking awesome lyrics and VERY heavy.
Toxicity - More political.
Steal this Album - Lose the screaming...but still have some good songs. They get soft in a few songs, though.
Hey, System of a Down r00lz, u should SO listen to their Self titled Album.
by I_LOVE_SAGGY_BOOBS December 01, 2004
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n. also known as God.
System of a Down = God
by SK3055 April 08, 2006
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Like many late-'90s metal bands, System of a Down struck a balance between '80s underground thrash metal and metallic early-'90s alternative rockers like Jane's Addiction. Their dark, neo-gothic alternative metal earned a cult following in the wake of the popularity of such likeminded bands as Korn and the Deftones.
Vocalist Serj Tankian, guitarist Daron Malakian, bassist Shavo Odadjian, and drummer John Dolmayan formed System of a Down in Southern California in the mid-'90s. They quickly earned a strong following in Los Angeles, largely based on strong word of mouth. A three-song demo began circulating through metal collectors, and their fan base soon spread throughout not only America, but Europe and New Zealand. By the end of 1997, the group had signed to American, then distributed by Columbia Records. American/Columbia released the group's eponymous debut album in the summer of 1998, securing the band opening spots on the Slayer and Ozzfest tours.
System of a Down's best album by far is Toxicity. Buy it, and love it forever.
by Music_Guru March 19, 2005
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they kick ass and they are the best band scence like ever!
SOAD kicks ass!
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One of the very few unique bands, both lyrically and musically. They are nu-metal, although different from most other nu-metal, mainly in the sense that they're good. I know people who listen to death metal and they agree that System of a Down is a good band. Anyone who calls them "pop" obviously hasn't heard any of their songs, or just wants to be "cool" by putting something controversial in an online dictionary. Although System of a Down has entered the mainstream after the release of Toxicity, it has still maintained a good, unique sound, although gaining many unwanted poser fans.
System of a Down has deep, meaningful lyrics, good vocals, and a unique sound, unlike most other nu-metal. Good thing I can understand the lyrics, unlike many posers who pretend to like them since they saw part of "Aerials" on MTV.
by Ben January 06, 2004
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Best fucking band ever. Fuck you if you think they are pop! STOP LISTENING TO SHIT LIKE AVRIL AND LISTEN TO REAL MUSIC!
"System of a Down is gay!"
*stabs person violently with a rusty butter knife*
by Kamran A December 27, 2003
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Blatantly un-Pop. Only ignorami would consider them to be Pop Music, and probably have only heard 2-3 of their songs (Chop Suey, Toxicity, Aerials).
Do what the title says and "Steal This Album," so you can listen to some real music.
by Bastardized Bottomburp August 26, 2003
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