A monthly gathering of like-minded gentlemen devoted to good cigars, numerous libations, fine foods, humorous tales, and excellent adventures.
Swordfish will be at (insert name) house on Thursday June 1st.
by dart board July 01, 2010
A guy who gets drunk often, but only wants to hang out with other blokes.

A gay alcoholic.
'You don't want to go out to the club to find a girl, you would rather stay here like a swordfish and have a sausage fest.'
by -Penn December 17, 2009
a lame movie starring halle berries tits
have you ever seen that movie halle berrys tits i mean swordfish ?
by maphive December 17, 2003
A person who excels in a substantial amount of fuckheadedness or douchebaggery.
George Bush is a total Swordfish.
by Vatonyjmu November 13, 2007
Gods gift to online console gaming
I wish I was as good as sword fish
by Urban Cowboy November 27, 2004
Please refer to Sword Fish
As above, examples can be found under sword fish
by Urban Cowboy November 28, 2004
1. a gay freshman
(swordfighting, a gay act+
fish, freshman)
1. Oh wow, you cant ask him on a date! He's a swordfish; cant you tell?
by genna buzz April 04, 2005

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