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A slang term for the sperm that comes out a man's penis when he ejaculates.
Girlfriend: Ewwwww don't get those swimmys on me.

Boyfriend: Honey its just cum
by Wordandeglishlover June 15, 2011
11 1
A person who has an incredible talent for one thing or another - whether it be sports, music, or just a great personalty.
He's so Swimmy, look at him!
That Swimmy is so athletic, and look at how musically talented he is!
by Hauntedsoul July 22, 2008
8 1
Derogatory term for members of the Socialist Workers party, a Trotskyist/far left political party in Britain and Ireland that places a lot of emphasis on direct action. Swimmies can be usually found at any march against the US, Israel, or big business either handing out copies of their party newspaper or standing around holding a placard with the words 'Socialist Worker' printed in bold italic helvetica.
There was a bunch of Swimmies in town the other day holding a protest against bin charges, the electricity company and fascists.
by rubensni December 08, 2010
7 2
Non-vulgar word for sperm.
Dude #1: Just got back from the doctor. My swimmy count is low.
Dude #2: Haha, yo swimmies need a boost! Pop some Zinc and stop wearin' such tight breetches man!
by tomboyred January 04, 2010
6 5
Male ejaculate fluid.
I got yoghurt on my pants and it looks like Swimmies.
by -Dom January 31, 2011
3 3
Pubic hair that lost it's way and ends up swimming in the urinal water.
Dude, what the hell? Do you scratch your manbush when you piss?

Yeah sorry dude, left some swimmies.
by PNGF October 19, 2010
3 4
thats totally swimmy

see also;

by sherpa doubledung October 09, 2008
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