A slang term used as smoking marijuana (cannabis). Often times can be linked by using:

- Water = Marijuana
- Swimsuit = Pipe
- Wet - Being high
Hey do you want to go swimming afterschool? I'll bring the water and my swimsuit!
by Brian Suarez May 20, 2006
code word for being stoned
"Are you swimming Briana?"
"Fu*k ya i am"
by harmony November 02, 2004
vrb: to engage in lesbian sex.
me and my ex spent a lot of time swimming
by whilykitt August 13, 2005
going to a club pool under the alias of going swimming but really only swimming for a short time only to then go shower together
lets go swimming!
mom, dad, katie and i are going swimming
by teh kt December 19, 2004
swimming is gay. lets leave it at that
if football was any easier it would be called swimming
by tony vizzy January 25, 2008
swimming might actually be the worst activity known to mankind. swimming can take a normal human being and turn them into a shallow, self centered, arrogant, cocky freakshow. this normally occurs in males. while swimmers might be the most sexually active, its usally male on male when it comes to the type of guy it takes to put a size 24 speedo on. for the girls, rock on - however you have man shoulders and should never wear skirts in the winter to expose those wildebeast legs.
male non-swimmer: hey, that kid looks like he stuffed his 2 inch peen into that size 24 banana hammock and thinks he looks cool.

swimmer: wait ... that isnt cool? i was kinda thinking about running up and smacking that fine ass. swimming is the besssst.
by pumpkin98348 April 14, 2006
A sport, often misunderstood by outsiders, which requires no work at all. Swimming is an excuse for a sport and does not require much more than physical endurance and technique. Anyone who swims for a year will be just as good or better than other "swimmers," at least ona high school level. Certain college and adult level swimmers are certainly viable athletes, although personal experience of high school swimming clarifies its lack of real "sport" characteristic. If one wishes to expand one's physical abilties, one would be better pursuing anything else (i.e. basketball, football, wrestling, soccer)
Actual Athelete: Do a pushup, man, since you say you're such a great athlete and all.
Swimmer: (whispering) Okay, don't tell anybody this, but swimming doesn't actually make me an athlete! I just say that to make friends and feel good about myself. But it's a secret, so don't tell anyone!
by Billy Quinn January 17, 2006

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