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A phrase used in the 1940s or 1950s to refer to fashionable items, places, people, etc. Something that is currently popular or trendy.
Tween: Granny, my friends and I heart the Macarena...it is so totally cool!

Granny: Perhaps hun...in my day, the Charleston & the Jitterbug were in the swim.
by Mudhut May 19, 2005
A person, largely unknown to the observer, who exhibits a specifically cunty aspect of behaviour, yet the extent of their actual cuntiness is unknown - the only indicator is the observed cuntish aspect of behaviour, thus they can only be very generally categorised.
"That bloke is wearing a trilby hat to work - he must be some sort of cunt"

"New guy drinks trim flat whites - he must be some sort of cunt"
by mudhut September 24, 2014
Use of speaker phone to ambush/embarrass someone on the other end of the line, who is unaware that the speaker feature is in use.
So, Christie was just on the phone with her boyfriend and was singing in this hideous voice, only to realize he had her on speaker phone and his buddy heard it all.....That, my friend, is what I like to call "speaker pwned."
by Mudhut July 25, 2008
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