1. A very lazy way of saying sleepy.

2. A babyish way of saying sleepy.

3. A slang name to call someone who is sweeping the floor.

4. A cross of creepy and sweet.
1. I'm sweepy and twired.

2. Mama I'm sweepy.

3. Hey, that guy is such a sweepy!

4. You're so sweepy. It's like your a nice scary person.
by cheerfulowl<3emomonkey January 31, 2011
when something seet but creepy at the same time.
That girl asking me out is sweepy
by Giftedwords June 12, 2010
adj. A combination of creepy and sweet. Often used to describe ex-boy/girlfriends, it is used to describe when another party is being undeniably sweet, but also extraordinarily creepy.
My sweepy ex-boyfriend just asked me to go to the movies again and called me gorgeous.
by Alcnor June 17, 2010
A combination of the words "sweet" and "creepy". Can be used to describe a person, place, or thing. While it generally carries a positive connotation, there is the explicit understanding that part of what you're trying to describe is just...odd.
Admiral: "Did you see that wedding video in a club where they threw out Hawaiian leis instead of flowers?"

Lt. Commander: "Yeah, it was sweepy."
by Lt. Commander June 18, 2008
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