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an alternate way to say "sweet" or "cool" in a sarcastic scence. Often used when describing Michael Felderman.
Boy: "Chad is coming to the party" Everyone at the party: "seet"
by Jungki Jin June 21, 2009
A negative connotation, saying "sweet" sarcastically when referring to something being not cool.
Jasmine: "Look guys, Pablo is here..."
Everyone at the party: "seet..."
by mmr me August 14, 2008
A contraction of the word sweet, it is often spoken sarcastically and carries a negative connotation. The word conveys the most meaning when responding to a conversation that one simply does not care about, or finds silly and childish (Example 1). While the response doesn’t seem rude on paper, the word alone can make a person feel inferior and inadequate. Also, when used as part of a conversation, it can be used to show disappointment, or anger (Example 2). It can be used as an adjective, describing a specific situation, article of clothing, hair style, someone’s house or car, and so on (Example 3). While most users understand the sarcasm behind the word, some use the word as a replacement for the word sweet, and adapt it into their vocabulary. These people are called seetsters.
Example 1:

Alex: “This weekend I got so drunk I couldn’t even speak English anymore.”
Kevin: “Seet.”

Example 2:

Alex: “Hey baby, I’m not gonna be able to take you to that movie on Friday night anymore. The guys wanna get some grub and go to the game.”
Kelly: “Seet, we’ve had these plans for two weeks.”
Alex: “I know baby, I’m sorry.”

Example 3:
Zach: “Whoa dude, look at Alex’s jeans today.”
Kenny: “Who does he think he is, Tupac or something?”
Zach: “Yeah, maybe. Seet jeans Alex.”
by SeetstersSuck949 September 16, 2008
S'eet or Seet is the slang term for Sweet
Dude1: Hey dude, we're meeting about 8pm at the pub if that's cool?
Dude2: Yeah, S'eet man, see you there
by Adam Bruce January 16, 2009
What's up dude; Awesome or "You're a hardass"

Usually in a sarcastic tone or manner, Negative Connotation
Your girlfriend is out with her friends and is embarassed to pick up her phone and talk to you. SEET!
by seetbaggs221 August 26, 2005
An adjective used to replace the word "shit" in every day conversation. Nothing to do with the word "sweet". This term originated through online texts and varying word pronunciation. Opposite of the word sate
"oh seet, my new xbox came in the mail!"

"you slept with her? seeeet."

"seet, look at this rash doesnt look good."
by tokkk24 November 10, 2008
something rather unpleasant or unsavoury. Developed from 'recede' as in 'receding hairline' and particularly the receding hairline belonging to a character known on Sydney's North Shore as 'Keen' or 'Fat Keen'.
'the manly sea eagles are seet'

'keeno is a fat seet'

'buck ur the seetest 'unt out'.
by kovay July 11, 2006
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