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The name of the main barn owl of the book series Guardians or Ga'hoole.

Fell out of a tree when he was a baby.

Taken to hell

Learned to fly and found friends

Went on a journey to this tree

Lived happily ever after fighting war with his brother

Had sex with his owl wife and had three kids

Person: "Soren is such an amazing character!"

Person #2: "I know right?"
by cheerfulowl<3emomonkey June 29, 2011
1. A very lazy way of saying sleepy.

2. A babyish way of saying sleepy.

3. A slang name to call someone who is sweeping the floor.

4. A cross of creepy and sweet.
1. I'm sweepy and twired.

2. Mama I'm sweepy.

3. Hey, that guy is such a sweepy!

4. You're so sweepy. It's like your a nice scary person.
by cheerfulowl<3emomonkey January 31, 2011

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