2 definitions by Alcnor

adj. A combination of creepy and sweet. Often used to describe ex-boy/girlfriends, it is used to describe when another party is being undeniably sweet, but also extraordinarily creepy.
My sweepy ex-boyfriend just asked me to go to the movies again and called me gorgeous.
by Alcnor June 17, 2010
The widely accepted rule of mentality that witty retorts, good comebacks, and the right thing to say will always come ten minutes or more after you need it.
Bob: At least somebody will get in bed with *me*.

Joe: Uh...erm.... STUPIDFACE!

*ten minutes later*

Joe: "At least my sister doesn't whore it up with me". Genius. Why didn't I get this when I needed it?

Carl: Rule 41.
by Alcnor March 26, 2009

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