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It is often the case that idiots describe themselves as 'genious' but are ironically ignorant to the fact that the word is spelt 'genius' - much to the amusement of us intelligent people.
"Like, woah, yeah man, I'm like, such a genious, dude!"
"Well, you're retarded..."
by stef July 24, 2003
Born on 10 May 1957 as 'John Simon Richie'. Initially the Sex Pistols most loyal fan, he was asked by their cunt of a manager Malcolm to join after they kicked out their old bassist, Glen. Dubbed Sid Vicious by Johnny Rotten after he was bitten by Johnny's 'vicious' hamster named Sidney. Gained reputation for being violent and abusive, but on inside was actually a fucking legend. Quiet and shy, he met Nancy, a heroin addict/prostitute who fucked him up and who I blame for his demise. MAd punkrocker.
I Loved the Sex Pistols. I think, along with a few of John's other friends, that I was their biggest fan.
by Stef October 30, 2004
A group of girls with very small boobs
Anya is not part of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee; Alex on the other hand, is.
by stef May 06, 2003
beautiful body, beautiful eyes, beautiful personality; no one else like her
Once you know Stef you'll never forget...
Sprinkle Stef
Ooooh la la, there she is!
Ouch, Stef is so hot!
by stef December 22, 2004
man + boobie = moobie

boobs, but instead of on a female, on a male. like a car crash - you don't want to look, but you have to. often emphasized by shirts that are too tight.
my teacher has the biggest moobies ever. all the guys can't help but stare, even if he is a male...
by stef July 09, 2004
A country that noone knows anything about but they must be totally awesome as they pwned France in the World Cup.
Senegal: 1
France: 0
by Stef July 25, 2003
what i call my children.
dem chillins are 'sleep.
by stef December 10, 2004
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