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One of the most cute girl in this world ...Very funny , loving, caring , good singer, after all very takative and innocent!!!
Oh! God may i have a cute friend as Swati and only her forever
by Adam April 16, 2005
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one of the cutest girl in this world.very shy and swaeet and is liked by all.unfortunately she doesnt like me so my life is ruined.
swati is sweetest and loveliest of them all
by the gr8 April 23, 2005
best thing that's ever happened to me. no questions asked.
i'm never gonna let go of my swati. never ever ever.
by stakloverduh August 03, 2010
hottest cutest,smartest,luvable,mst beautiful gurl
swati is the best person eva!
by !!@ A I\1 $ I-I I_I I_ January 22, 2008
Swati is a fancy Indian name meaning the first drop from the sky that falls into the sea and turns into a pearl. She is exotic and beautiful, dry motivated with a drive like Alexander Hamilton and can get anything done better than you would have asked for. She is hilarious and charismatic, a little sheltered but don't mistake her for innocent. She is a momma's daughter and will do anything for her family and dedicates herself to schoolwork because she belejves firmly in education and appearances Nd wants to make the best image for everyone who sees her.
Sarah: man I got a b on my test! What did ugrt swati...?
Swati: um... Not too bad.... I'm sorry u got a b but that's stills really good!
( I reality she got a 97 but didn't want to make bed a feel self conscious)
by Sherlocktheallobservant June 25, 2013
A human specimen of the smaller kind thats classified as mildly crazy and dangerous. They hunt for food and their favorite dish is Ratatouille with a side of human eyes. A Swati loves to run naked and drink beer
Look a Swati! Run
by csanz August 18, 2013

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