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Swati is a fancy Indian name meaning the first drop from the sky that falls into the sea and turns into a pearl. She is exotic and beautiful, dry motivated with a drive like Alexander Hamilton and can get anything done better than you would have asked for. She is hilarious and charismatic, a little sheltered but don't mistake her for innocent. She is a momma's daughter and will do anything for her family and dedicates herself to schoolwork because she belejves firmly in education and appearances Nd wants to make the best image for everyone who sees her.
Sarah: man I got a b on my test! What did ugrt swati...?
Swati: um... Not too bad.... I'm sorry u got a b but that's stills really good!
( I reality she got a 97 but didn't want to make bed a feel self conscious)
by Sherlocktheallobservant June 25, 2013
Caitlin is an Irish derived name for happy or joyous and pure. She is fair skinned and lighter haired; she has the hair color everyone tries to die their hair to look like. She is extremely naturally gifted, and when combined with her will to succeed and make something if herself she is unstoppable, like a landslide sermon motion once she has her mind set. She is the friendliest person you will ever meet who truly cares how you are doing when she asks, and has many dimensions to her personality that make her as compatible as a fox. She has a lot of experience in life even at a young age, and is as people smart as Lincoln and could most definitely keep people together in the midst of a civil war. She should be on her own 5$ bill. She will light up your world and have a huge impact on your life. If you find a caitlin don't ever let her go.
Some coworker: I am having a horrible day and no one will lend me money!
Caitlin: ohmygoodness imnso sorry here I will. ( then a distraction occurs purposely) So have been to Saudi Arabia ornindia? I will tell u they have such an impact on ur life...........( and she finds some way to cheer even the noisiest people up:)
by Sherlocktheallobservant June 25, 2013

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