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Someone who thinks that people who play videogames are idiots/ nerds who are wasting their time and have no social lives.
Gamers are actually intelligent people with a good amount of friends.

a gamer hater is usually a sports obsessed fag or some other person like that.

they usually just act this way because they dont have the brain cells to play a videogame and are also hypocritical because they obsess over baseball games and shit like that.
Gamer1:hey, did you see the new graphics on the 360?

Gamer2: yeah, they're pretty awesome but i think it could be better.

Gamer hater: ur faggots cuz u play loser videogames, get some sunlight lol

Gamer2:actually, you're a fag because you're wasting a brain.
by 1337beanz May 14, 2006
"Bra Party" can be used to identify a band or a song that is usually heavy metal, rock, metal, or hard rock. comes from pictures of girls at my school having a party half naked that everyone found. It started as describing a song as "hard" then someone said "like my dick" and someone else interjected "after looking at the bra party pics!" so bra party was invented
Person 1: System of a Down is pretty hard!
Person2: Definitely, they are a Bra Party band
by 1337beanz December 09, 2006
when a girl wearing a skirt is sitting on a chair or something and you can see a little piece of her panties/ thong/ g-string between her legs (usually on the area right above the pussy) these are like those paint swatches at hardware stores, a sample of what you can get.
Guy1: oh shit! you can totaly see the swatch on that chick!
Guy2: ya she totally has a swatch showing.
by 1337beanz May 16, 2006

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