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The name of Hawkeye and Trapper Johns tent/home on the original movie MASH(1970) as well as the series. Frequently used as a haven for consuming alcoholic beverages as well as cavorting with nurses.
One nurse to the other; they trapped me in the swamp.
by Jim Brett April 25, 2008
The term used to describe a situation where you have a terribly bad stomach and feel like you will spew liquid from your anus. What comes out has a swampy consistancy.
Aw shit man, that taco bell sure gave me the swamps!
by ShrekLovesMe December 07, 2014
To throw terrible drunken game at a girl, and you keep throwing it even though she is obviously disgusted and totally has a boyfriend. meanwhile, you're completely oblivious and horny. slurry words a must. and try to be as dirty as possible.
Sorry i swamped your girl last night, man. i was completely wasted. seriously, im sorry. put the bat down.
by Harry Undercarriage January 07, 2007
1. Nasty armpit sweat that seeps through your shirt and leaves disgusting wet marks. Most apparent after a night of giggin, in fat people, and through grey shirts

2. Nickname of someone who constantly has sweat stains.
Damn homie! yO swamps is sick!
by hamstarro August 17, 2005
A word used for any bad situation or action performed by another living thing. Sometimes can be used to mean good when a situation is so bad that it's damn right good.
"hey mate can I get a lift in with you tomorrow?"

"Nah you stink the car bruv"

"wtf man don't be so swamp"

"dude did you see that guy licking the tables last night? embarrassing"

"omg yeah that guy was just being a massive swamp!"
by HOWZAAAT. not out. June 28, 2016
1.Domain, domicile, abode, nest or personal space. Ones private area or bedroom containing personal effects, usually ratty or messy, sometimes carrying bad odours. 2.Place with a lingering, pungent aroma. 3.Childs room.
1.Let's go upstairs and listen to music in the swamp. 2.Damn, this place stinks like a swamp! 3.My cousin lives in a swamp.
by John Barry November 20, 2004
s.w.a.m.p (acronym) for combatives

s - stay relaxed (keep loose)
w - weapon (fist, knee, etc..)
a - accelerate (move weapon towards)
m - move (move body) towards target area
p - plunge; follow through when/after making contact
combative 1 - I really would like to be better at defending myself.

combative 2 - think s.w.a.m.p!

combative 1 - keep loose; use knee, elbow, fist; accelerate the weapon; move your body towards target; now plunge/connect and follow through!

combative 2 - great idea, you come up with that?

combative 3 - I DID; you can call me Kelly ; you're welcome!

by winnipegdude March 08, 2013
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