The act of urinating in a letterbox for a few shits and giggles. Most commonly performed on a drunken mission.
Bro, keen to go out and swamp a few letter boxes?

by Brett Cresendo June 24, 2006
To slap someone across the face with a dried up, crusty, cum-filled tissue.
Prounounced like "stamp".

Wraivyn swamped Chris for being such a d-bag on Vent."
by Kahnrad January 22, 2009
Noun: nasty sweaty crotch, forming a dank atmosphere inside the jeans.
Yo, Ortega... Does that inner city bus ride that you take every day give you nasty swamp?
by Dilley March 12, 2007
(adj.) An african-american who shows "jig" like qualities and characteristics. not a "nigga" but a "jig" or old fashioned nigga in refrence to catcher freeman (the Boondock) with increased physical attributes in running, jumping, climbing, etc. (noun) place of recreation and dormatry for socializing amounst jig. usaul activities include playing music, dominoes, ball, spades, and dancing. picture a juke joint similar to the depiction by spielberg on the color purple.
lets go to the swamp and play so me bones (dominoes), that nigga adrian peterson went swamp on them niggas and ran 180 yards last week.
by big rob the rhyme slave (yeah) September 29, 2009
A woman's vagina that is not disease free. Foul smelling pussy. Unclean and unkept vagina.
John just came back from the clinic. After hooking up with this girl at the club, he ended up with HIV. I told John about sticking his dick in swamps.
by TheMostHighest October 07, 2010

One is said to swamp a forty when one drinks it down somewhat and tops it back off with orange juice.
Hand me that OJ, I need to swamp this OE.
by Dirty Dan Sin September 27, 2006
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