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The brown ring around a person’s anus that many porn stars bleach for appearance. Many people believe that the name originated from a college football team located in Iowa and is based upon their poor performance, however the name comes from the puckering effect bleach has upon the anus when first applied, making it look like the eye of hawk.
Goldie Cox, a famous porn star nearing the end of her career decided to bleach her hawkeye in an attempt to gain a stronger following.
by DCbigguy October 10, 2011
A cheap low quality vodka made in Marshalltown iowa. The preferred vodka of high school students, college students, poor white trash, and mMh
mMh chugged a bottle of Hawkeye.
by Juan Valdez13 November 25, 2005
A group of narcissistic Iowans who, for reasons of low ego and lack of self-esteem, identify themselves as being somehow attached to the University of Iowa athletics program. This would work, were it not for the fact that so few Hawkeyes actually went to the University of Iowa.
Widely known for their ability to talk shit and come up with outlandish excuses when their precious football team chokes, usually upon cocks.
"So, you're from Iowa? You one of those Hawkeyes?"
"No way, I have more self-respect than that."
by rocket_scientist September 11, 2012
The term 'Hawkeyes' is a general term refering to a large group. For the term to be relevant, every individual on the football team associated with this group, generally a college, must be a badass. The association of this word with a high school actually has no relevance whatever.
People who go to the University of Iowa are Hawkeyes.
by DonCachas June 12, 2005
someone constantly looks at you or stares at you.
"damn girl you hawk eye, stop lookin at me"
by jayy arr dot April 01, 2009
When you moon someone and spread your butt cheeks.
He showed everyone his hawk eye.
by Alec January 19, 2005
In the U.S, this refers to a 2005-2007 Subaru Impreza. The name refers to the headlight that looks like the eyes of a hawk
"That hawkeye makes a sick noise bro"
by Tomahawk September 12, 2013

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